Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kentucky Grown Beef and Pork!

Welcome South Central Kentucky to our new blog spot. This is my first official post and it's quite exciting to be real honest with you. I should start by telling you a little more about what we do here at John's Custom Meats.

We are located in the Hydro community in Eastern Warren County, just west of the Barren County line. We operate a small cattle farm known as Split Creek Farms and have, most recently, expanded our livestock processing facility to include a meat market storefront.

We have been processing livestock on a part time basis since 1986 in Warren County. In 2003, times were getting tough on the farm. The tobacco crops were gone. Sales of calves at the market where just not enough to keep the lights on. Our part time livestock processing business was becoming overwhelming. Business had greatly picked up and we needed more space. So... GO BIG OR GO HOME! We saw a need to expand and boy did we ever. We have built a 5600 square feet processing facility and now operate under USDA inspection.

What does this mean for the community?

Well, we think a great deal! We can now offer you Kentucky grown beef and pork meats fresh from the farm! 100% Complete traceability from birth to your dinner table! Now that's exciting. Food safety issues are in the news more and more these days. Food awareness is a necessity. All of our meats offered in our store are USDA inspected for wholesomeness and USDA graded for quality.

Yeah, but can a small time processor offer the same quality as the big say?

We can run with the best of them! No quality worries here. Our Kentucky line of beef products are among the best in the US. Beef pastured on our farm have consistently graded USDA Prime from the start. Now that's quality! That's in the top 2% in the US. Beef offered from our other farming families have graded high USDA Choice. We certainly have bragging rights now! That's 100% of all Kentucky grown beef that we offer have graded high choice to prime, EVERYTIME.

We currently offer other lines of beef and pork in our storefront, as well. Always graded USDA Choice or better. We would not accept less and we don't expect you to. Our hope is to increase awareness in the need to buy locally grown meats and eventually FULLY STOCK our store with ONLY Kentucky grown beef and pork! The more beef and pork we sell, the more small local farming families we can accept into our program and in turn, sustain our communities. But we need you to make this happen. To get us started, I have put a little pole question on this blog spot. Please contribute. We want your feedback!

So, in parting, thank you for stopping by. Visit often and contribute! As a group we can take back our food supply!


  1. Thanks for making meat available that is not gassed or chemically treated. We have purchased some of your meats and we have to say "IT'S GREAT!" Keep up the good work and thanks for giving our family peace of mind in this time of uncertainty in our nation's food supply.



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